Liebermann unveils three new BIG Grand Canyon Displays

Posted on Tuesday, November 18 2003 @ 21:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Liebermann has unveiled his Grand Canyon Displays at the Comdex 2003 exhibition. These professional desktop monitor series are fully encased in aluminum and are available in three different sizes : 76", 81"and 92" : with resolutions from 5120 x 1024 to 6400 x 1200.
Exclusively matched with high-end Quadhead Multiple-output Professional Graphics adapters by nVidia, Colographics, Appian, Matrox and ATI, the new Grand Canyon Desktop Monitors are the first commercially available professional displays featuring Ultra-Speed™ Display Technology, breaking grounds in every engineering and architectural design approach, bringing computing visuals to a whole new level of realism.

They feature unmatched color fidelity and precise R-G-B auto-geometry sensing color correction, all across the board, representing a major leap in all fronts of display technology and large visualization imaging devices for professional use. A set of hardware anti-aliasing double-depth filtering technologies, incredibly smoothes pixel patterns, delicately softening the edges of graphics as well as text, blending and conveying unparalleled subtleties on all visuals. Fluttering and ghosting have been further eliminated by a Dynamic Phase-Timing Circuitry (DPTC) keeping the display sharp under any circumstance no matter the video source. They deliver distortion-free images from edge-to-edge, which never need adjusting. Additionally, derived from Liebermann’s technicians experience in Professional LCD Video Projection filtering techniques, the panels are exclusively coated with a double anti-glare hard coat and an ultra-thin UV-668 filter, for an added 15% increased contrast ratio and glare reduction. Also because LCDs are only as good as the components "behind them", the Grand Canyon Displays use newly developed FFR-type CR-Tubes for extra long lamp life and fabulous linearity along the entire display. Having room to spare for displaying multiple programs running simultaneously, viewing several pages of text, graphics and full-screen full-motion video, while working with various applications all together and still have tons of room to spare for tear-off menus, palettes, toolbars, and just anything else, the technical advancements of the Grand Canyon Displays are as immense and innovative as their phenomenal imaging size. In contrast, video response, and color reproduction, the Grand Canyon Displays provide leading stunning image quality, addressing each pixel individually to create sharper text than any CRTs, and at a fraction of he dot pitch of plasma technology.

The new Liebermann Grand Canyon Displays are built around an all-aluminum rigid frame, are compatible with PC, Mac, HP, SGI, Sun and all video standards and are THE must have solution for creative professionals and critical digital imaging scenarios, covering the viewing area of 4 typical high-resolution monitors while with a much smaller comparable physical footprint. They are the ultimate asset for the digital imaging, visualizing and presentation professional, matched with several promotional offerings for the educational, entertainment, broadcast, production, design and engineering industries, and an unbeatable performance/ feature base price point.
You will also need a big bank account for these displays, the 76" one costs $8499.99, the 81" display $12499.99 and the 92" display has a price of $17499.99.

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Re: Liebermann unveils three new BIG Grand Canyon Displays
by Anonymous on Tuesday, November 18 2003 @ 21:59 CET
Go read to answer all your questions.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Tuesday, November 18 2003 @ 23:29 CET

    Thanks for the link, damn if everything on that site is correct than it does seems that this is another hoax :/

    If this is a hoax then I really wonder what they gain with this.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, November 23 2003 @ 22:15 CET

    I just thought I'd let you know that the above link is perpetrating a hoax, and that hoax is that Liebermann Inc is not real. Liebermann Inc. is a very real company, all one has to do is call or email OCZ technology or call Libermann directly to find out that they are a very REAL company. I am waiting till I see the products independently reviewed which I was assured would be happening over the next month. So calm down folks, Liebermann Inc. if they deliver will be a welcome addition to the high end PC technology arena, so give them a break and wait and see if they deliver. Calling them a hoax is irresponsible and just plain false. I have yet to find anyone who they have cheated or committed fraud against.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, November 23 2003 @ 22:36 CET

    As anyone can see once you get past the obvious eye candy at the OCZ booth at the Venetian Hotel one can clearly see that Liebermann Inc. is present and accounted for. Enjoy.

    • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, November 23 2003 @ 23:06 CET

      Thanks for the link

    • Reply by Anonymous on Saturday, September 17 2005 @ 19:38 CEST

      Your site is realy very interesting.

Re: Liebermann unveils three new BIG Grand Canyon Displays
by Anonymous on Friday, November 05 2004 @ 22:29 CET