Detonator 40.41 Features en Benchmarks

Posted on Friday, August 30 2002 @ 23:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Volgens verscheidene benchmarks zouden de Detonater 40.41 drivers sneller zijn dan de vorige en ook enkele coole nieuwe kleine functies bieden.
I did a very comprehensive report on the new Detonator 40.41 Drivers released yesterday, and here it is…"They are faster, and have some pretty damn cool little features in them". Yup, that was my comprehensive report. I am going to spend the day installing the drivers on friends and family members computers and then use the NVRotate function to really screw with them, like flipping all their desktops upsidedown and sideways for kicks. Wish me luck...
Benchmarks zijn te vinden op :
  • VR-Zone
  • HardTecs4U
  • PC-Extreme
  • 3DVelocity
  • BoogleTech
  • 3DCenter

    Meer info over de nieuwe en verbeterde features vind je binnenin...

    Performance In many popular applications and benchmarks, we see a substantial increase in performance using Detonator 40. Antialiasing performance and anisotropic filtering performance will also increase with the Detonator 40 driver. A few highlights include:
  • Quake 3 goes up around 5% across the board, peaking at over 10%
  • 3D Mark 2001SE goes up around 7% across the board, peaking at over 10%
  • Aquanox goes up to 28% faster in some modes
  • 3D WinBench goes up to 13% in some tests
  • Serious Sam goes up around 4% across the board
  • Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis goes up to 8%
  • For Quadro users, the performance bump is even more impressive:
  • ranging from a minimum of 14% in one Viewperf 7.0J test all the way up to 19% in another.
  • SPECapc 3DStudioMax v4.2 R4 graphic mean score increases 20%,
  • SPECapc Solidworks 2001plus graphic mean benchmark goes up over 30%.

  • These increases in speed widen the performance gap the GeForce4 Ti 4200 has over the competitive solutions in the mainstream market, cementing its position as the best graphics card value available today!

    Anisotropic filtering controls for D3D Detonator 40 also enables Anisotropic Filtering in Direct3D applications to be controlled via control panel settings.

  • New nView features
  • Superior IT management, allows IT managers to create unique nView profiles, locked to Administrative access
  • Industry's best Multiple Desktop Management, allows users to create up to 32 desktops with unique names, background wallpaper, and display settings, including resolution, color depth, and refresh rate.
  • Faster zoom performance and new zoom modes allow users to view information even easier.
  • Improved transparency performance and new modes allow users to find information quickly on cluttered desktops
  • Quick access to nView new windows enhancements - such as windows rollups - through integrated windows button
  • Robust application and window management allows users to harness to power of multiple display and multiple desktops
  • Redesigned hot key assignment utility streamlines user interaction.
  • NVRotate(tm) - Change Your Point of View
    NVRotate allows users to pivot any display connected to an NVIDIA GPU from landscape to portrait mode for easier information and application viewing. Many LCD flat panels support rotate (or pivot) mode natively within their monitor stand, but lacked software to provide full hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D, and video playback. Now with NVRotate, you can rotate any display 90, 180, or 270 degrees for maximum flexibility with no limitations or performance penalties. You can even have one monitor horizontal and on vertical. The result is increased productivity as users can select the optimal way to view their applications.

  • NVKeystone(tm) - Display Correction Technology
    NVKeystone's real-time display correction technology allows users to display onto any surface with lossless picture quality through intuitive user controls. With full hardware acceleration for all NVIDIA GPUs, NVKeystone is a must have for every mobile PC attached to an external LCD projector.

  • CineFX Hardware emulator
    Developer demands for NVIDIA's Cg language and Cg compiler has driven NVIDIA to release a CineFX emulator. This emulator allows developers and artists to use Cg to write complex shaders in a high level language faster and more easily than before. Cg*"C" for graphics*is two components, the Cg language specification and the NVIDIA Cg Compiler. Cg is a high-level shading language NVIDIA announced in July and developed in close collaboration with Microsoft and is synonymous with Microsoft Corporation's DirectX 9.0 High-Level Shading Language. The Cg programming language gives developers a major leap forward in ease and speed of programming the special effects that enable real-time cinematic-quality graphics experiences on the desktop. Programs no longer need to be written directly to the graphics hardware, enabling rapid development of stunning, real-time shaders and visual effects for both DirectX® and OpenGL® environments. Over one hundred thousand developers have downloaded the Cg Toolkit and thousands of developers have received training and information so that they can start writing Cg shaders today.

  • New Control Panel layout
    The new control panel layout improves usability of panel and streamlines user interface for faster and easier access to all video settings.

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