Review : Corsair 256meg XMS3200 DDR geheugen

Posted on Saturday, August 31 2002 @ 11:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
3dXtreme heeft een Corsair latje van 256MEGA XMS3200 DDR geheugen gereviewd :
It has become increasingly more important with today's higher performance computer systems to use high quality ram. Recently we reviewed Mushkin's pc3200 which showed great performance including the ability to run cas 2.5 at 400 mhz and easily runs cas 2 (2-2-2 1T command rate) at 166mhz. Today we are looking at Mushkin's pc3200 competitor, Corsair's XMS3200. The Corsair XMS3200 ram also sports a heat spreader to increase the heat dissipation running at 400mhz may generate. At the time this review is being written the kt400 is not yet available and this review is being performed on a Shuttle ak35gt2 (kt333). PC3200 is designed to run on a 200 mhz FSB and DDR ram speed of 400 mhz.

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