Update on the XGI ''optimizations''

Posted on Thursday, December 18 2003 @ 20:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Someone from XGI today contacted X-bit Labs with more information about the .exe listed in xrvkp.sys. :
“The .exe files listed in xrvkp.sys are only for developers’ analysis during beginning of the developing cycle. We left the file names in xrvkp.sys and have not removed since then. We will take more intensive care to avoid confusion in the future and will fix that in the next driver release,” commented Chris Lin of XGI.

Furthermore, there is remark from editors of Volari Gamers web-site.

“I have tried to rename the .exe files of benchmarks in order to see if there was any change of performance with such manipulation. Whereas NVIDIA drivers see their performance decrease with such a simple name change, I have seen no change in [XGI] performance when renaming the files,” said Xglider in his Volari V8 Ultra preview.
Source: X-bit Labs

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