Intel QX9650 vs AMD Phenom X4 in Crysis

Posted on Monday, Oct 29 2007 @ 13:45 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The guys from Expreview have another exclusive. They got their hands on a Phenom X4 processor and compared it to the Intel E6850, Intel QX6850 and Intel QX9650. The test was done on a Intel P35 and AMD RD790 motherboard with a GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card in Windows XP.

To see which architecture performs best Expreview clocked all four processors at 3GHz.

Here are the results:

Crysis CPU benchmark Intel E6850 Intel QX6850 Intel QX9650 AMD Phenom X4
Frequency 3GHz (333MHz x 9) 3GHz (333MHz x 9) 3GHz (333MHz x 9) 3GHz (200MHz x 15)
Timedemo Run 0 44.01 45.14 45.46 40.38
Timedemo Run 1 50.42 51.37 51.24 48.27
Timedemo Run 2 51.12 51.63 51.55 48.53
Timedemo Run 3 51.21 51.55 51.56 48.72
Average 49.19 49.92 49.95 46.48

In this benchmark the Phenom X4 doesn't really impress, in a clock-to-clock comparison to chip can't beat the Core 2 processors and most rumours indicate AMD isn't even planning to release a 3GHz Phenom X4 processor this year or in early 2008. If this benchmark is a good indication of the performance of the K10 it seems that AMD will need to agressively price their Phenom CPUs to compete with Intel.

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