Official Intel Grantsdale-G chipset specifications

Posted on Monday, March 15 2004 @ 22:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Another chipset from Intel is the Grantsdale, the somewhat cheaper brother of the high-end Alderwood chipset. The Grantsdale will be unleashed in Q2 of this year. The Grantsdale-G will feature Intel's new integrated graphics core, the GMCH.
The blue crystals in the graphics core comprise the Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT), which Intel claims will give better access to system memory, as well as something called Zone Rendering Technology, which is also new and improved.

Like Alderwood, the Grantsdale chipset supports HT, DDR-2, PCI Express and the now famous LGA775 Socket T.

The chipset includes support for DirectX 9, has dual serial digital video outputs through the PCI Express X16 connector, high speed USB 2.0, four independent S-ATA ports, and high definition audio, yet again.

And Belkin and others beware, because this chipset too has an integrated wireless access point.

We've also seen a datasheet for the Grantsdale-P, that one is similar to the "G", but without the integrated graphics. Like the others, it supports DDR-2, and backward compatible ordinary DDR memory, although the rumours are that all that glitters is not gold for DDR-2, yet.
Source: The Inquirer

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