Intel Alderwood motherboards and Tejas CPU touring in Taiwan

Posted on Sunday, March 21 2004 @ 14:18 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Motherboards based on the Intel Alderwood (925P) chipset have already been touring in Taiwan according to The Inquirer's sources. These motherboards have PCI Express, DDR2 400 and 533 MHz support and have been tested with a pre-release version of Intel's next CPU, the Tejas.
Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers claim that they tested working Tejas CPUs in their Alderwood sample boards before they made pledges to support it.

Tejas is a socket 775 CPU. It'll have 64-bit instruction support but it's quite interesting to hear that samples of the CPU are already there, even though Prescott is still a mere babe in arms.

If you buy a 925 board that Intel still wants us to call Alderwood, since 925 is secret product name that we should not be aware of, it seems you should be able to make Tejas in to work in it.

Maybe Intel is preparing to introduce this chip much sooner than suspected.
Source: The Inquirer

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