Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 and Freezer 7 Pro coolers tested

Posted on Sunday, February 03 2008 @ 17:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
AnandTech has written a review of the Alpine 7 and Freezer 7 Pro processor coolers from Arctic Cooling. These aren't high-end coolers but attractively priced models that can be found for as low as $12. Pretty cheap but is it any better than Intel's stock cooler?

They do. Both the Freezer Pro 7 and Alpine 7 will cool your processor significantly better than the stock cooler and they produce a bit less noise.
The Freezer 7 Pro turns in an outstanding performance under load at stock speeds. CoreTemp results are 35C, which is one of the best air-cooling results tested so far at AnandTech. The Alpine 7 is also a terrific performer under load at 40C. This sub-$15 cooler is a significant improvement over the stock Intel fan, which reaches 50C under load at stock speed in our cooling test bed.

If you do not plan to push overclocking to the extreme, the Freezer 7 Pro is an outstanding choice. The stock performance at idle and load is among the best we have tested - matching or coming in a bit better than the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme. The Alpine 7 is frankly cheap to buy, but it still significantly outperforms the stock Intel cooler at stock speeds. These reasonably priced coolers from Arctic Cooling are great choices if you want better cooling at standard CPU speeds.
The reviewer concludes both coolers offer outstanding performance if you're on a tight budget.

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