Windows Vista SP1 patches 551 bugs

Posted on Wednesday, February 13 2008 @ 0:30 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The first service pack for Windows Vista will feature 551 hotfixes, ZD Net reports.
If that sounds like a lot of bugs to be stomped in one service pack, well, 551 is a pretty big number. But it’s not out of line with the number of fixes that went into the two service packs for Windows XP. The first XP service pack was delivered in September 2002, about 14 months after the original RTM date; its list of fixes included updates from 24 security bulletins and 297 hotfixes. XP Service Pack 2 covered a longer period of time (23 months), but still, its list of fixes was staggering, with updates identified by 60 security bulletins and a whopping 666 (no, I did not make that number up) fixes. (If you want to do a fair comparison between the first service packs for Vista and XP, you need to exclude a few fixes from the Vista list. Back in 2002, XP Media Center didn’t yet exist, nor did Tablet PCs, Windows Sidebar gadgets, or the .NET Framework, just to name a few categories that collectively include more than 60 fixes in Vista SP1 but weren’t needed in XP SP1.)

Fixes  Category
 75  Internet Explorer
 41  Sleep/Hibernation & Power Management
 38  Storage
 35  Hardware and Drivers
 35  Networking
 28  Desktop and Shell
 25  Printing & Scanning Technologies
 25  .NET Framework, Data Components, Development Tools
 24  Setup, Deployment, Backup, and Activation
 24  Windows Media Center
 23  International/Localization
 20  Computer Management, Administration, and Tools
 19  Application Compatibility
 19  Multimedia
 16  Performance and Reliability
 16  Startup/Shutdown
 13  Time Zone/Daylight Saving Time
 13  Windows Media Player and Related Technologies
 12  Security
 12  Remote Access, VPN
  8   IIS and WebDAV issues
  7   Wireless Networking
  7   Offline Files
  6   Windows Mail and Web-based Software
  5   Windows Sidebar and SideShow
  5   Windows Portable Devices

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