MSI unveils six new notebooks

Posted on Friday, Feb 29 2008 @ 13:27 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
MSI will show off a bunch of new notebooks at CeBIT next week:
World’s First Anion Notebook
MSI will show its Green Concept notebook product design with Anion technology! Anion technology is a technology to purify the air and remove toxic substances. MSI is the first to combine anion technology with the advance computer technology to create World’s First Anion Notebook. Notebooks are often used in indoor spaces with insufficient ventilation; the MSI Anion notebook can provide users the benefits of clean air anywhere.

MSI developed the MSI PR620 Anion Notebook, which makes it world’s very first notebook that is capable to release anion to better your health. Using the latest in technology, the MSI PR620 Anion Notebook can release up to five hundred and fifty thousand ions/cc (50 cm from the air vent)*. This is more than if you were right next to mountains or the beach. The Anion module can also contain concentrated ozone lower than 0.02ppm. (UL & TUL regulations must be lower than 0.05ppm; high ozone concentration can be harmful to human bodies).

*Different results under different environmental conditions.

Benefits of Anion
• Sterilization and Detoxification: Ultra-Oxygen free radicals can exterminate all kinds of viruses to prevent its spread. Anion can eliminate toxic gases in the air and destroy the “Silent Assassin”.
• Dust Elimination: Strongly absorbs dust buildups and drifting particles in the air to prevent inhaling into the human body.
• Deodorization and Smoke Free: Removes offensive and foreign smells in the air to better the living conditions
• Adding anions and activated oxygen: elevates productivity, prevents illnesses caused by air conditioning and strengthens the immune system.
• Cosmetology: Applies negative electros to the upper skin cells so viruses are ineffective when attacking cells, leaving the skin smooth and shining.

MSI gaming series notebook with Turbo Battery Energy-Saving Technology
MSI’s Gaming Series Notebook is THE right choice for gamers. After the explosion that was created by the added Turbo Button that increases the CPU speed up to 20%, MSI now introduces the exclusive Turbo Battery Technology. The new GX600 08’ notebook will be equipped with this technology to extend the battery life up to 20%*. The Turbo Battery Mode automatically adjusts the systems workload to save power. MSI will introduce this new leading technology at CeBIT.

*Different result under different environmental condition.

MSI introduces the “Dual Turbo” technology, which offers the Turbo Battery mode and the Turbo Engine Drive (CPU speed increases with 20%) in just one button. The “Eco” function saves power, while the “Turbo” design offers increased speed at the touch of a button.

The MSI gaming series notebook introduces two new models; the 15.4” MSI GX620 and the 17” MSI GX720. The brushed black color and silver lines of the MSI GX620 case are truly inspirational. And the MSI GX720 is spectacular with its race car lines, quad speakers, aerodynamic dock speakers, turbo bass sound bore and brushed black color.

MSI Aesthetics series, new concept notebooks with Natural Biodegradable Materials
MSI’s motto this year for notebooks is “ECO is Beautiful”. Design-wise MSI believes that “Less is more”. MSI is known for its innovative designs as for instance Swarovski crystals, numeric keypad on 15.4” and the MSI Turbo Button. MSI will introduce notebooks designed from natural and biodegradable materials such as leather andwood.

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