AMD Deneb without L3 to be a small 45nm part?

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 12 2008 @ 00:02 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
FUD Zilla claims the upcoming 45nm AMD Deneb processor without L3 cache could be a pretty small and power efficient quad-core processor:
AMD plans to produce two versions of the chip and Deneb 6MB L3 will have the cache on the chip while Deneb 0 MB L3 version won't have the L3 cache disabled; AMD will manufacture this chip without L3 cache.

We can tell that 6MB of L3 cache takes a lot of space and it is likely that Deneb 0MB L3 is going to be AMD’s secret weapon that might lead to company’s recovery. This can easily be the smallest or among the smallest quad-core chips on the market, and we believe it will be massively smaller than Intel's Nehalem part.

A smaller core usually means better thermals and cheaper production. Our sources also added that the performance effect on the desktop CPUs without L3 is very small, so there is no big performance penalty, at least in the real world, but some benchmarks will suffer from it.

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Re: AMD Deneb without L3 to be a small 45nm part?
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jul 01 2008 @ 14:34 CEST
if the preformance penalty is between 10-15% you could maybe easily overcome the penalty with a much higher clock rate. if this one overclocks as good as we hope it will be amd will have a good weapon in its arsenal. atleast the 45nm core is much smaller then the 65nm counterpart. and without the l3 you save even much more space so your cooling will be much more efficient. with some luck it might be able to hit 4ghz or higher. hope it comes in a black edition with unlocked multiplier