Update : How to Install SuSE Linux 8 on your Xbox

Posted on Sunday, September 08 2002 @ 12:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Xbox Linux Project has updated their guide about Installing SuSE Linux 8 on a Xbox.
You can now run X Window (with kdm/xdm) right out of the box

To install SuSE 8 on a Xbox with network and audio support and the possibility to work with X-window you need :
  • an Xbox that is equipped with a 10 GB drive (most are; bigger hard drives not tested) and with any modchip
  • a SuSE 8 compatible PC with a network card
  • SuSE Linux 8 (at least CD 1)
  • the latest XBE bootloader as well as the patched SuSE kernel available from the Xbox Linux Project ("SuSE8-Xbox.tar.bz2")
  • either a CD/RW (or DVD/RW) that works in your Xbox DVD drive or EvoX on your Xbox hard disk
  • good Linux knowlegde
  • For network and audio support you will also need

    • the SuSE 8 nForce device driver RPM, available on nVidia's site (the SuSE support database links there)
  • To work interactively on the command line, you'll need

    • an Xbox/USB adaptor, as described on the web site
    • a USB keyboard
  • To work in X Window on your Xbox, you will need in addition:

    • either another Xbox/USB adaptor or a hub to plug the Keyboard and the mouse into the first adaptor
    • a USB mouse

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