Intel X58 chipset to support Quad CrossFire?

Posted on Friday, Jul 04 2008 @ 22:30 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
FUD Zilla claims the upcoming Intel X58 chipset will offer support for Quad CrossFire:
Latest document from Intel are revealing that Tyersburg DT platform that includes Nehalem generation CPU codenamed Bloomflield and X58 chipset will come with 2x 16X PCIe slots.

It will be up to the motherboard manufacturers but some boards might even come with four PCIe 2.0 slots with 8X enabling four Radeon HD 4870 cards work together.

The boards with two PCIe 16X slots will be enough for two Radeon HD 4870 X2 dual cards and as we said many times before Intel won't support SLI with this platform.
Intel's Nehalem processor and X58 based motherboards should be available in early Q4 2008.

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Re: Intel X58 chipset to support Quad CrossFire?
by Anonymous on Friday, Jul 04 2008 @ 23:33 CEST
75-85% of polled responders are favoring the 4750 over the 280, and then factoring in the Crossfire support in current and future solutions, Nvidia is witnessing its downfall.

They won't "die" as a company, but they are about to follow in the footsteps of Creative. Nvidia will be marketing keychains and ashtrays in 5 years or less.

You'd have thought they'd be smarter. Yep keep SLI proprietary. Keep pricing yourself out of the stratosphere. Before you know it, all your customers have walked away.

BIG win for AMD though :)

Re: Intel X58 chipset to support Quad CrossFire?
by Anonymous on Saturday, Jul 05 2008 @ 00:54 CEST
Don't write NVIDIA off yet, they're still in a better position than AMD. NVIDIA has no debt at all and a war chest of around $1.5 billion.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Saturday, Jul 05 2008 @ 19:53 CEST

    Well i think this is the beginning of nVidia,s downfall for over pricing their products. They be getting more and more expensive when we all don't even have enough in our pockets to spend. the fact is simple. I think they are loosing their position and in no time they will fall big time. you watch it.