Lian-Li unleashes MUSE C36 and MUSE C37 HTPC cases

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 08 2008 @ 14:14 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Lian-Li has introduced quite a lot of new products recently and today they add two new HTPC cases: the $159 MUSE PC-C37 and $219 MUSE PC-C36. Both models have a slim 435mm x 94mm x 378mm (W x H x D) form factor with enough room for two 3.5" HDDs and a 5.25" optical drive.
The PC-C37 will support a micro-ATX motherboard, as well as a standard ATX PS/2 power supply and can only use low profile cards. However, the PC-C36 supports the Micro-ATX form factor and will be shipped with a 300W TFX power supply as standard. The TFX power supply which has an 8cm internal fan as well as the usual exhaust fan has been aligned to assist in venting the hot air trapped inside the case. In addition, because of the slim line TFX PSU, the PC-C36 has the extra room internally to cater for two different back panels, which can fit between either 4 low profile cards, or two full size PCI/PCI-e cards via the riser card.

For both Chassis, the solid structure is all aluminum, offering significant cooling functions over standard steel cases, while giving a sleek and superior aspect of elegance. In addition the front mounted I/O ports, including 2x USB 2.0, 1x Firewire 1394 and microphone and headset speaker jacks give the chassis more complete options.

Lian Li attention to detail is paramount, and special anti-vibration spring clips prevent the panels from rattling, while special rubber rings support the HDD’s mounted in their bays. A 70mm slim intake fan (1500RPM) supports the copious open vents around the case that improve airflow and assist the aluminum chassis in cooling down the warmest components. In addition, the vent directly above the CPU allows cool air to be pumped onto the CPU by the CPU fan directly. For the PC-C37, the ATX PS/2 power supply can contribute to extracting hot air trapped inside the case, or aligned to special vents to bring in cool air directly onto the PSU components.

Like all Lian Li products, these HTPC Multimedia Chassis have the finely honed finish to prevent sharp edges, while the structure has been hand-crafted to create the extra attention to detail prevalent in Lian Li chassis. The minimalist design allows the case to fit in with any décor. The stands are superior quality and have rubber mountings to reduce vibration. The internals are modular, so components can be pre-fitted and then installed in stages, allowing an organized and structural design for your DIY HTPC Home Theatre system. Thumb screws keep the case top panel attached, while a structural support bar adds strength to the case design, but it is also easily aligned to be out the way when installing or tinkering with components. Everything is designed to comply with Intel Standards for maximum compatibility.

Pictured below is the interior of the MUSE C36:

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Re: Lian-Li unleashes MUSE C36 and MUSE C37 HTPC cases
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jul 08 2008 @ 16:17 CEST
They should have placed those USB, audio and mic ports behind a cover IMO.