Intel Centrino 2 notebook overclocked to 4GHz

Posted on Thursday, Aug 21 2008 @ 00:14 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
HotHardware spotted a Centrino 2 desktop-replacement notebook with an upcoming CoolIT Systems notebook cooler at the Intel Developer Forum. This new cooler uses TEC and air-based cooling and should be available in January 2009 for around $120.

This cooling solution allowed an Intel guy to overclock a 3.06GHz X9100 mobile CPU to 4GHz! The temperature of the chip was only 50°C by the way.
Using the highest-speed dual-core Penryn mobile chip, currently clocking in at 3.06GHz (X9100), and knowing that the XE models are multiplier-unlocked. Intel's Dan Ragland used the Extreme Tuning Utility (Iron City) to overclock the laptop's CPU to over 4GHz, stably. He commented that the notebook-cooler added around 500MHz over and above what's achievable by using the laptop's cooling alone.

Interestingly, the quad-core model, QX9300, shipping at 2.53GHz, can be overclocked to around 3.5GHz using a large laptop chassis and the CoolIT cooling, Ragland said.

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Re: Intel Centrino 2 notebook overclocked to 4GHz
by Anonymous on Thursday, Jan 06 2011 @ 23:16 CET
Where can I buy this cooler for my laptop? Can't seem to find it online.

Re: Intel Centrino 2 notebook overclocked to 4GHz
by Anonymous on Friday, Jan 07 2011 @ 00:00 CET
They never commercialized this design.