Crytek says no to PhysX and Havok

Posted on Sunday, Aug 24 2008 @ 00:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
FUD Zilla had a chat with Crytek at the Games Convention in Leipzig and heard Crytek will not use NVIDIA's PhysX or Intel's Havok physics technology in their CryEngine 2. The game developers will use a in-house physics engine:
When we asked the guys about Nvidia's and Havok's physics we were told that for the time being they don't need them or want them. You can destroy just about anything in Crysis from trees to vehicles with very realistic movement of their own, and gunshot physics are impressive, too. Crytek usually does all physics on the CPU, but it might do some things on a GPU.

In the future Crytek might consider going after Nvidia's approach and physics, but only if it makes sense. Currently they are happy with their own physics and when they sell their engine, they sell it with their own physics. The good thing is that the customer can further adjust the physics for its needs.

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Re: Crytek says no to PhysX and Havok
by Anonymous on Sunday, Aug 24 2008 @ 22:58 CEST
This is silly really. Nvidia has the only seriously accelerated (moving the calc off the cpu) physics out there and it's really silly not to take advantage of it unless you can't afford it.

Intel is saving Havok acceleration for Larrabee, clearly, but that's going to take so long to get here, that using it, doesn't makes sense now either.