AMD Rev E Dual Core CPUs Info

Posted on Saturday, August 14 2004 @ 1:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Soon AMD will release its 90nm AMD64 for mobile, desktop and serverprocessors. These 90nm ones are based on Revision D cores. But VR-Zone saw some docs about AMD's next major silicon revision change, which will take the AMD 64 processors to Revision E that features some interesting new things.
Interestingly, Rev E will have Dual Core support for both 940 and 939-pin processors. The 940-pin for server supports up to 8 registered DDR400 while the 939-pin for client supports up to 4 unbuffered DDR400. The Dual core has up to 1MB L2 cache per CPU, up to 3 HT link operating at 1Ghz max and a shared northbridge registers with one APIC per core.

Rev E has better mismatched DIMM support and has 2-beat DRAM timing for 939-pin processors. Rev E also includes better power management features and an enhanced DRAM controller. Indeed, Rev E will come with SSE-3 support with 11 of out 13 instructions present in Prescott excluding MONITOR and MWAIT. Other improvements include improved HyperTransport bandwidth for 940-pin at 2GT/s, Adaptive Prefetch to optimize cache hit rate, two additional write-combining buffers (total 4), XOR DRAM bank address to prevents page-thrashing on cache write-backs and an expanded clock ramp hysteresis counter.
Source: VR-Zone

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