Intel to introduce Centrino 3 platform at IDF

Posted on Thursday, August 26 2004 @ 14:51 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
While Intel's second generation of its Centrino mobile platform named Sonoma isn't even available yet, it is possible that the company will introduce its third-generation Centrino platform at the Intel Developer Forum next month.

The Centrino 3 is codenamed Napa, and slated for launch in Q1 2006. This platform will be the successor of the upcoming Centrino 2 'Sonoma' from Intel. It is said that the Centrino 3 will feature support for dual-core Pentium M processors called Yonah, a new chipset named Calligstoga and Intel's next-gen wireless solution Gaston.
Yonah is essentially two 'Dothan' cores plus a whole heap of shared L2 cache. Callistoga appears to be a beefed up version of 'Alviso', the 'Grantsdale'-like mobile chipset that's due to appear in Q1 2005. Callistoga is said to provide Alviso's 533MHz frontside bus, PCI Express support, Hi-Def audio and 667MHz DDR 2, but with Serial ATA II.

A year on from Napa, Intel is apparently lining up 'Santa Rosa', with a new dual-core Pentium M, 'Merom'; chipset, 'Crestine'; and wireless component, 'Gaston 2'. Merom may introduce HyperThreading to Pentium M line, but will at least represent the next generation of core beyond Dothan.

It is also thought to form the basis for a new line of dual-core, Pentium M-based desktop chips, though the arrival of 'Smithfield', a dual-core 'Prescott' may have changed that. Possibly Smithfield is a stop-gap until Merom's desktop sibling - perhaps codenamed 'Conroe' - ships. Either way, DigiTimes' sources claim Smithfield will make its first public appearance at IDF.
Source: The Register

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