Review : Soyo Dragon Ultra KT333

Posted on Wednesday, September 11 2002 @ 6:20 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Overclockers Online has posted a review on their site of Soyo's DragonDDR333 SDRAM Ultra KT333 , a motherboard for AMD cpu's and DDR333 SDRAM :
Soyo did an excellent job when they designed the KT333 Dragon Ultra. The board has a truckload of features like onboard RAID, LAN, 6-channel sound, USB2.0, the Sigma Box, ... and more! Overclocking features are available as well, although this board is not a pure overclockers board because the voltage options are too conservative for that. Apart from the layout flaws, this board "looks" good thanks to the black PCB and the multi-colored components and more important, stability was top notch during all of our tests! I feel confident of recommending this board to all of you who need a multi-feature KT333 based socket A motherboard!

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