Toshiba invents CCFL lamp for LCD's that uses 30% less power

Posted on Monday, October 04 2004 @ 22:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Toshiba's scientists invented a way of backlighting LCD TVs that uses 30% less power than today's solutions.
The report said that a redesigned cold cathode fluorescent lamp won't be commercially available for three to four years, but will eventually displace the large number of CCFL backlight lamps currently used in the technology.

The advantage of the new type of lamp is that they will also stay lit for twice as long as the current technology. The old lamps gobble up nearly 90% of power used in LCD TVs. Toshiba hopes to tweak CCFL lamps to power on a mere 70 volts or so.
Source: The Inquirer

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