Creative Zii to be a new processor?

Posted on Monday, December 29 2008 @ 15:46 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
EpiZENter suggests Creative's Zii Stemcell Computing will be a new processing chip that will be unveiled at CES 2009. The site hints it's something completely different from Creative's X-Fi audio chip and claims it looks to be one of the biggest projects the firm has invested in.
Creative will be unveiling a new processing chip at CES 2009. The chip will be called the "Zii", a name not unlike that of Nintendo's console. The chip might have a simplistic name, but according to their teaser site, it's going to change everything. The Zii will be using "Stemcell computing", whatever that means. That term has been trademarked by Creative just a couple of weeks ago, and it may raise a few eyebrows. We don't know exactly what Creative means by Stemcell computing, but we're definitely curious.

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