Review : Soltek SL-85ERV

Posted on Friday, September 13 2002 @ 14:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ThinkComputers ahs reviewed Soltek's SL-85ERV motherboard,
This is a P4-motherboard :
I have to say that this board is definitely designed for the performance-minded. The scores I reached in the benchmark tests not only were high, but during the whole time there were no stability issues whatsoever. I did get system instability when raising the memory speed to DDR400 speeds however, but this may be a BIOS limitation and DDR400 is not officially supported anyway, so I really cannot assign negative points for that. This board ran stable at a CAS of 2 at DDR333 with all other memory timing set to most aggressive. Truly, this motherboard serves as a great gaming platform.

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