NVIDIA Nforce 4 special at AMDBoard

Posted on Monday, October 25 2004 @ 17:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
With firewall, PCI express support, Gigabit LAN and optional SLI, the nForce4 is the new NVIDIA Chipset flagship and AMDboard.com, the AMD specialist, has already the most updated list of known nForce 4 socket 939 and socket 940 motherboards from leading motherboard makers like Abit, Asus, Iwill, MSI, Tyan and many more. To make things even easier, AMDboard.com has also a page where all the links to news, reviews (including SLI technology), photos, design wins and overclocking, regarding NVIDIA nForce4 are now stored for a fast and efficient retrieval.

All NVIDIA nForce4 motherboards at http://www.amdboard.com/socket_939_boards.html
NVIDIA Special at http://www.amdboard.com/nforce4.html

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