QuietXbox sells ultra-quiet Xbox 360 consoles

Posted on Sunday, Feb 22 2009 @ 09:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Quiet PC has started offering Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 consoles. These consoles feature the Xbox 360 hardware in the Lian Li XB-01B, and have anti-vibration fan mounts, silicone feet and AcoustiPack material to dampen the noise.
As well as installing the Xbox components in the Lian Li case we also supply the system with anti-vibration fan mounts and silicone feet to further aid in noise reduction. But that's not all! The optical drive is also very noisy so to combat this Lian Li have placed acoustic foam in strategic places to help reduce noise and vibration. We also coat the optical drive with the fantastic AcoustiPack material which again helps reduce the noise of the optical drive even further.

Although these steps help, unfortunately the Xbox still makes some noise while reading DVDs or CDs. The best advice we can offer is that if you play the same game regularly then you can copy the game directly to your hard drive, thanks to the New Xbox Experience. Finally, do not leave the DVD or CD in the optical drive if it is not being used, for example if you are using the Xbox as a media extender - these steps will prevent any unnecessary noise.

We also remove the ducting which Lian Li supply with the case and their case fan. In their place we use a Scythe Kaze Jyu 120mm fan and a Slim Scythe 100mm fan. The reason we have done this is to improve cooling and also to reduce the noise during gaming. We noticed the Lian Li fan was a little too noisy for our liking and therefore we had to changed it. This makes the Xbox quieter during gaming activities. We also added a second fan directly over the CPU/GPU area to further increase cooling without any increase in noise.

You can find more details at Quiet PC. The company sells Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 Arcade, Premium and Elite consoles for $452.6, $504.03 and $581.19, respectively. Each of the consoles is fully tested prior to shipping and has a 360 day warranty. In case you already have a console, the company also offers a quietening service for $294.45, but in this case you only get a 30 day warranty.

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