ATI developing own version of NVIDIA's SLI

Posted on Tuesday, November 02 2004 @ 19:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq heared rumours that ATI is developing its own version of NVIDIA "SLI". It is planned to become available in the second quarter of next year and will allow you to use two graphics cards in two PCI Express slots.
ATI is in a beta stage of development, according to sources close to the company. It had the choice for going for dual graphics processors on one card, but now it appears it will copy Nvidia's idea instead.

The Canadian firm will also introduce a chipset expected to be released around the same time.This chipset won't differ much the soon to be announced RX480 chipset.

ATI will have a "Pentium 4" version of its SLI so it won't be for the AMD club alone. Nor will it need a small "daughter board" to connect the two cards, it appears.
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