Multiple Front Side Buses; Coming to an Intel Server Near You

Posted on Saturday, November 06 2004 @ 18:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Although we have been talking about Glenwood and Lakeport for several months now, today we are going to look at Intel's new server chipsets, Blackford and Greencreek.

Greencreek (also known as Greencreek 2S - 2Socket) is slated as the Tumwater (E7525) replacement, while Blackford is the Lindenhurst (E7520) replacement. In short, the two chipsets are nearly identical with Blackford serving as the high end version of the platform. The large news here is Intel's push for dual front side buses. The latest Intel roadmaps thoroughly describe dual independent buses as: "New 2S platform architecture for improved performance" 2S, of course, denotes 2 Sockets.

More info at AnandTech

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