NVIDIA GT300 DirectX 11 card slated for Q4?

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 07 2009 @ 00:10 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Rumor mill FUD Zilla claims NVIDIA will introduce its first DirectX 11 GPU in the final quarter of this year, it's expected that this chip will be the 40nm GT300 GPU. The first DX11 cards from ATI should arrive in the same timeframe.
All indicates that the card comes in the 40nm process, but we don’t know this for sure. This might very well mean that Nvidia won´t really have anything new until Q4 2009 which might get boring, but at least Nvidia will step up and embrace future technology.

Nvidia did said before that it doesn’t plan to go for DirectX 10.1 and that it rather wants to concentrate on DirectX 11 but it was more of a business decision as ATI was leading with DirectX 10.1 for such a long time.

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Re: NVIDIA GT300 DirectX 11 card slated for Q4?
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Apr 07 2009 @ 04:12 CEST
Given how many things have fallen through the cracks for Nvidia, this is not easy to believe. The facts are that they have to make this deadline to keep up with AMD, who may not wait past Q3 to introduce their part. But I don't think Nvidia can do it, even still. Look at the lead time between the 4870x2 and the 295. Nvidia isn't leading anymore, they are following. And even that they are doing months behind ATI. The 275 doesn't count because it wasn't a new design but just the 295 chip put onto a single card.

Do you believe the single board 295 will come in May? Nvidia can release as many rumours as they like trying to get people to hold off, but the fact is ATI's parts are very good and there is little need to listen to the news articles or postpone purchases.

DX11 will be here in Q3-4 (Win 7) and ATI will be ready. But Nvidia will come in months over that deadline, you watch and see.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 13 2009 @ 11:22 CEST

    Nvidia has a reason not to adopt DX 10.1 because they have been working on nvidia PHYSX which has been adopted by most of the recent games , on the other hand ATI has been working hard to convince game developers to adopt DX 10.1 which I think they have miserably failed at.
    And lets face the facts performance wise, in the enthusiast section, where power consumption and heat generation are not so much of an issue with high power PSUs and good cooling solutions, NVIDIA still dominates the market with GTX 285 and 295 and both have been out in time to challenge ATI cards.
    Nvidia has also successfully developed GTX 295 with single chip retaining the previous clock and memory configuration as is seen in a prototype from INNO3D.
    And when they embrace DX 11 with 40nm chip fabrication and NVIDIA PHYSX and CUDA running along, ATI will have no where to go, but reside in the budget segment of graphics market, where they always have an edge due to their aggressive pricing.