One billion colors at a 35 megapixel screen..

Posted on Thursday, November 11 2004 @ 21:36 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Stellar explosions, protein structure and global climate models come to life in 1 billion vivid colors as scientists study their data and view simulations on a giant screen at the Center for Computational Sciences. The 8-by-30-foot power wall makes possible detailed study and collaborations in astrophysics, chemistry, climate, combustion, fusion, high-energy physics, life sciences, material science, nanotechnology and engineering sciences.

ORNL's EVEREST is a large-scale immersive venue for data exploration and analysis. Its screen is 30' wide by 8' high - comparable in size to 150 standard computer displays - and has a resolution of over 11 thousand by 3 thousand pixels, creating a total pixel space of 35 million pixels.

More info at Physorg

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