The Inq: NVIDIA GT300 delayed to 2010

Posted on Wednesday, May 06 2009 @ 15:07 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Charlie Demerjian from The Inquirer claims the next-gen GT300 GPU from NVIDIA may be delayed one quarter to Q1 2010. Moreover, he also claims NVIDIA is having massive problems with its 40nm yields which isn't too good for upcoming chips like the GT215, GT216 and GT218.
The big news is of course the GT300 delay. A few weeks ago it was promising insiders parts in October, a goal that was laughably unrealistic given that the tapeout was set for June. It seems that realism might be poking it's head through the Santa Clara FUD, er... fog, and NV has told those who need to know that it will be Q1 2010 now. Given its timeliness of late, we think it should append a bold "Maybe...." to that though.

We are not sure if it is a delay to the tapeout, or a delay for said fog lifting, but I would bet on tapeout delay. In fact, if I were to shake the magic 8-ball of GPU futures very hard, I would bet that tapeout was delayed, and it is still not being realistic on time to market. That said, as of last week, sources deep inside big green had not gotten their GT300 themed tapeout party hats and related bonus materials (and one of these too).

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Re: The Inq: NVIDIA GT300 delayed to 2010
by Anonymous on Thursday, May 07 2009 @ 05:30 CEST
Might not be true, but he's been right before. It's not really all that surprising. The consequence, however, of missing Win 7 release will have some impact, since AMD will be ready at release. The choices that led to the consequence, were made long ago and are typical Nvidia style...they were probably using the engineering resources to make those fantastic chipsets...