Playstation 3 GPU: NV40/NV50 with XDR DRAM

Posted on Wednesday, December 29 2004 @ 12:44 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some speculations has appeared on the web claiming that the Playstation 3 graphics processing unit (GPU) will be a combination of NVIDIA's present and future generation architectures and will have a built-in memory controller supporting Rambus' XDR DRAM.
A report over Japanese web-site PC Watch suggests that the PlayStation 3 graphics processing unit will use NVIDIA’s technologies found in the current NV40 generation of its own chips as well as numerous techniques developed for the next-generation part known under NV50 code-name. Still, despite of circuitries of the company’s desktop chips found in the GPU, according to NVIDIA’s chief Jen-Hsun Huang, the PlayStation 3 GPU has nothing to do with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft DirectX or OpenGL and will use Sony’s API for the console. Naturally, the PlayStation 3 graphics processing units supports XDR DRAM memory developed by Rambus. While there is nothing new in Rambus memory for Sony, NVIDIA has never worked with memory by Rambus.
Go to X-bit Labs for more info about this chip.

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