Review : MSI's 645E Max

Posted on Friday, September 20 2002 @ 5:17 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ReviewNation has reviewed the MSI's 645E Max motherboard :
"For many of the readers frequenting Review Nation, the lack of Intel/Pentium 4 products had been troubling. Well that is all going to end now. MSI has been in the business of hardware for a long time. They are quite good at it, and they know how to best utilize your computer's resources. But, I suppose the largest part of why MSI has gained so much popularity as of late, is due largely to the small price put on products of extremely high quality. It's a bargain, it works and it lasts. This seems to be the motto of MSI, and it rightfully should be. But is this motherboard for you? Well it's a socket 478, Pentium 4 ready, brilliantly red piece of hardware. Its features are simply awe inspiring considering its price. Not to mention the ability to utilize DDR RAM instead of RDRAM, this is a welcome change for Pentium 4 users. And of course the board also comes with your standard motherboard fare..."

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