Google Chrome OS to be launched next week?

Posted on Friday, November 13 2009 @ 17:21 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
TechCrunch claims Google will officially launch the Google Chrome OS within a week. This release will not be for everyone though, the site claims driver support will likely be weak and that only some specific devices like the ASUS Eee PC will be fully ready to use Chrome OS.
What can we expect? Driver support will likely be a weak point. We’ve heard at various times that Google has a legion of engineers working on the not so glamorous task of building hardware drivers. And we’ve also heard conflicting rumors that Google is mostly relying on hardware manufacturers to create those drivers. Whatever the truth, and it’s likely in between, having a robust set of functioning drivers is extremely important to Chrome OS’s success. People will want to download this to whatever computer they use and have it just work.

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