Photos from Titan have emerged on the web

Posted on Sunday, January 16 2005 @ 19:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Photos from the Huygens probe that successfully landed on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, have been posted on the web.
One of the main reasons for sending Huygens to Titan is that its nitrogen atmosphere, rich in methane, and its surface may contain many chemicals of the kind that existed on the young Earth. Combined with the Cassini observations, Huygens will afford an unprecedented view of Saturn’s mysterious moon.

More info and pictures at ESA

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Re: Photos from Titan have emerged on the web
by Anonymous on Sunday, January 16 2005 @ 22:47 CET
this photo is from a recent mars mission i think you'll find.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, January 16 2005 @ 23:06 CET

    No it's from Titan => Esa.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Monday, January 17 2005 @ 0:06 CET

    Check the NASA website before you go accusing people of misinformation. This is from Titan. Those blocks are likely ice.