Bropia.F worm targets MSN Messenger

Posted on Thursday, February 03 2005 @ 19:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Security companies warn for a new worm that uses MSN Messenger to spread. The Bropia.F variant sends copies of itself to messenger contacts, disguising itself as a funny picture of a roasted chicken with a bikini tan line.

The worm also infects systems with the Agobot worm, which can open a backdoor on infected systems and allow remote code execution.
Upon execution, Bropia.F puts a copy of itself in the Windows system folder, and then tries to propagate to other MSN Messenger users by sending a copy of itself using various filenames like Naked_drunk.pif, Webcam.pif, and ROFL.pif.

The worm also launches the Agobot worm, which puts a backdoor into the infected system, which may allow commands to be executed by a remote, malicious user.
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