University of Illinois starts using Xserve Turing Cluster

Posted on Friday, February 04 2005 @ 21:04 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The University of Illinois has started using a new cluster. The Turing cluster uses 640 Dual 2GHz Xserve processor from Apple, making a total of 1280 processors, each with 4GB of RAM memory.

The Xserve CPUs are installed in 19 racks, each with 32 to 35 Xserves.
The project is operated by the school's Computational Science and Engineering Graduate Option Program, and was provided by Apple to the school "under a combination purchase/donation agreement."

The Turing Cluster is available to students and faculty for school-related projects.

The school's Usage Policies specify that "the cluster is to be used for scientific and engineering computational jobs only; no other work is allowed."
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