NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 480 was designed to run at high temperatures

Posted on Friday, April 02 2010 @ 22:00 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA's Drew Henry explains on the company's nTersect Blog that gamers need not worry about the high temperatures of the GeForce GTX 480 because the cards were designed to run at high temperature. He claims there will be no effect on quality or longevity, and adds that he believes the card features a good tradeoff on power vs performance.
We wanted to let you know that we’ve also heard your concerns about GTX 480 with respect to power and heat. When you build a high performance GPU like the GTX 480 it will consume a lot of power to enable the performance and features I listed above. It was a tradeoff for us, but we wanted it to be fast. The chip is designed to run at high temperature so there is no effect on quality or longevity. We think the tradeoff is right.

The GF100 architecture is great and we think the right one for the next generation of gaming. The GTX 480 is the performance leader with the GTX 470 being a great combination of performance and price.

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Re: NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 480 was designed to run at high temperatures
by Anonymous on Thursday, May 20 2010 @ 2:24 CEST
It would be easier to feel safe for users if nVidia shows data about the max temps GTX480/470 can handle.

Everybody knows that older GPUs get 105 ºC as the hottest point, and then the power shuts down.

Does anybody know which is that temperature on the GF100?

PS: Sorry about my english... :-P