The growth of Firefox is slowing down

Posted on Monday, February 28 2005 @ 19:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A new report states that the growth of Firefox is slowly decreasing. This is illustrated by statistics that show that Firefox usage has only increased with 15 percent in the five weeks prior to 18 February. Six weeks before the usage of this browser had risen with 22 percent.

The biggest market share increasement was in November 2004, the launch of Firefox 1.0 gained the browser approx. 34 percent marketshare.
"This is probably to be expected as we move beyond the early adopter segment. Back in December 2004, it seemed Firefox was a lock to reach 10 per cent by mid-2005, ahead of the reported year end goal of the Mozilla Foundation. Given the latest growth rates, the year-end target still appears attainable, but a mid-year achievement is unlikely unless we see increased marketing activity from the Mozilla Foundation," he said.
Currently the market share of Firefox is estimated at 5.7 percent - a three percent increase over November 2004.

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