Apple fixes free music download bug

Posted on Tuesday, March 22 2005 @ 16:51 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Apple fixed a recently discovered security hole in its iTunes Music Store which could be abused to download songs without anti-piracy protection.

The exploit was discovered by Jon Johansen - DVD Jon - which also cracked the security of DVDs years ago. He found out that the iTunes Music Store didn't add DRM (Digital Right Management) protection until a track had been bought and downloaded and he figured out a way to download songs for free.

Apple said that they fixed the problem and that users with old versions of iTunes will need to upgrade to iTunes v4.7.
Source: MacWorld

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Re: Apple fixes free music download bug
by Anonymous on Monday, April 18 2005 @ 18:21 CEST
I need music for Kelly Clarkson.