LCD debuts 23-inch 240Hz IPS LCD display

Posted on Wednesday, November 24 2010 @ 19:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
LG introduced a new 23" IPS-based LCD display that features a 240Hz refresh rate:
LG Display, a leading innovator of TFT-LCD technology, announced today that it has launched the 23-inch 240Hz LCD for monitors (dual monitor and TV use) that refreshes at a rate of 240 frames per second to deliver clear picture quality with no ghosting effect.

The industry have been engaged in a heated race to improve the motion picture response time (MPRT), unveiling products with refresh rates of 120Hz or 240Hz which are respectively twice and four times as fast as broadcast signals (60Hz). However, the technology has mostly been applied to LCD panels for high-end TV panels that are 40-inch or larger. This is the first time that 240Hz technology was applied in a 23-inch product under mass production.

The full HD 23-inch 240Hz LCD panel was developed by combining 120Hz technology (refreshes 120 images per second) with scanning backlight technology which enables a backlight to be repeatedly turned on and off.

Boasting a refresh rate that is four times higher than regular 60Hz monitors and twice as high as 120Hz monitors, the 240Hz LCD significantly reduces motion blur to make it less strenuous on the viewer's eyes and deliver true-to-life images.

LG Display's copper bus line technology was employed for fast processing of vast amounts of image data. As a result, the product has an motion picture response time of 8ms (millisecond), akin to a large premium TV, to eliminate motion blurring for fast moving images. Moreover, the 240Hz LCD features IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology for no distortion in color or images from any viewing angle which makes products ideal for TVs.

In the past, monitors in the 20-inch range were mainly used for word processing, but expansion of the multimedia environment has extended their application to games, videos, and even second TV sets. The 23-inch 240Hz LCD panel from LG Display should allow consumers to enjoy vibrant images and picture quality they expect from a large-size TV on their monitor or a smaller, second TV.

Ha Hyun Hwoi, LG Display's VP and head of the IT business unit, noted, "This product was designed to meet expectations of consumers who are already used to superior picture quality and high motion picture response time. LG Display will continue with efforts to introduce products that deliver new value to our customers and consumers."

According to research firm DisplaySearch, the market for 26-inch and below LCD products, which are primarily for dual monitor/TV use, is expected to grow by more than 20% from 49 million units in 2009 to 60 million units in 2010.

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Re: LCD debuts 23-inch 240Hz IPS LCD display
by Anonymous on Thursday, November 25 2010 @ 7:05 CET
Forget 3D...

Just give us LED backlit, 120Hz, 27 and 30" IPS and we'd all be happy :) Well and LG would be rich and we'd all be poorer :)