Xbox 360 not to dominate the PS3?

Posted on Tuesday, May 03 2005 @ 19:51 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
While Microsoft believes the next Xbox is likely to become the number one console some market analysts clearly expect the Sony PlayStation 3 to become the main star in the next-gen console market.

Michael Patcher, an entertainment industry analyst, believes that the launch of the Xbox 360 won't have a huge impact on the market. He believes that the Xbox 360 won't be the end of the current console cycle, while the launch of the PlayStation 3 will be the true end of the current console generation cycle.

He further adds that the launch of the Xbox 360 isn't likely to cause a rapid consoles sales growth in 2006. But because the release of Sony's PSP3 in late 2006 will end the current cycle he believes a rapid sales growth will follow in 2007.

Patcher predicts that by 2010 Sony will have 55 percent, Microsoft 35 percent and Nintendo 10 percent of the console market, with all three of those having +/- 5 percent. Read more about the expectations of the next-generation consoles at Gamedaily

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Re: Xbox 360 not to dominate the PS3?
by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 04 2005 @ 6:51 CEST
I think its funny how everyone thinks they know everything, especially those analyst poeple. lol. Anyway I would just like to say to stop worring about it, because the more you do, the slower time seems to go. I should know being that I waited for the PSP for a long time, but seemed to be like years and years. Also I doubt that microsoft will own 35% of the market, but in the end does it matters? it all depends on the games.


  • Reply by Anonymous on Thursday, May 05 2005 @ 21:24 CEST

    True the PS3 will rock I always been with Play Station an always will it survived everything that came out "GO Playstation3" ^_^

Re: Xbox 360 not to dominate the PS3?
by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 04 2005 @ 19:05 CEST
I also think the xbox 360 is going to be a flop. The competition is way too tight, and the PSP will sell well this christmas. You can check out a more in depth analysis of mine at

Oscar Wojciechowski-Prill

  • Reply by Anonymous on Thursday, May 05 2005 @ 0:01 CEST

    The Xbox 360 will flop, trust me. MS thinks that PS2 domination of the market is mainly because the PS2 launched 1 year before the Xbox and Gamecube....ahem, the Dreamcast launched 1 year before the PS2, and guess what!? Yeah, the PS2 crushed the competition...the Xbox 360 is no big deal. I think it will flop and that MS will finally come to their senses and stop their experiment with video game consoles, unless they really enjoy getting their ass kicked by Sony.