Yahoo to launch Audio Search Engine

Posted on Friday, May 06 2005 @ 16:39 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Besides a video search engine Yahoo is also planning to launch an audio search engine within a few months. The search engine will allow users to search for things like an artist's name, and will then retrieve all available songs from other music services. It will also display album reviews and band information from Yahoo Music.
"It makes sense because Yahoo's got access to all this music to begin with," said Gary Stein, an analyst at Jupiter Research. "Music needs better search, and by looking at the structured data of music--title, genre, etc., they could provide a better experience."
More info at ZDNet

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Re: Yahoo to launch Audio Search Engine
by Anonymous on Friday, May 06 2005 @ 22:56 CEST
That's nothing new: I am using for quite a while.