Sony Combo CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player to come in Q1 2006

Posted on Thursday, May 12 2005 @ 21:51 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
By the first quarter of next year Sony will be shipping a combination CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player. The player will have two lasers, a red one for the CD/DVD discs and a blue one for Blu-Ray discs.
Blu-Ray readers can write more information to disks because blue lasers allow data to be written into the media in smaller units than on a standard drive. Data segments on a CD are written at 780 nanometres, DVDs at 650nm and Blu-Ray disks at 400nm.
But meanwhile the battle between the two next-generation DVD formats is still going on. Some manufacturers like Samsung say they will ship both Blu-Ray and HD DVD players. More info at VNU Net

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