Review : Abit KD7 RAID (KT400) Motherboard

Posted on Monday, September 30 2002 @ 10:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
TBREAK has put up a new motherboard review,
Of the Abit KD7 RAID (KT400) :
The KD7 is a good motherboard offering some excellent BIOS tweaking and overclocking but besides that- theres not much that seperates it from the rest of the boards. Also, the KT400 does not offer much of a performance difference between the older chipsets and if you already have a KT333 board, we really do not see a reason to upgrade yet. Lets wait for the 166MHz FSB Athlons to show up and then we'll see if any upgrades are worth it!

Review Link : TBREAK

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