The Console Wars: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony

Posted on Wednesday, May 25 2005 @ 13:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Designtechnica posted an editorial about the upcoming consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft has the inside track, Nintendo the long odds, and Sony has the most powerful. But how will this all play out?

"All three gaming consoles have been disclosed at E3, the new Sony/Apple-like Xbox 360, the new Playstation 3, which looks like it was designed by Porsche, and the Nintendo Revolution, which rather looks like it was designed by, well, Sony.

The good news is all of the products look much better than those preceding them, and they should outperform their predecessors as well; however, there are massive differences between them. The Nintendo product is the lightweight in terms of performance, but it's expected to cost less than half of what the other two products cost, in a market that traditionally has not liked products over $200 very much. Unfortunately, it will also be the last to market and it will enter when the other two players should have vastly greater game support. That gives the Nintendo long odds for this race, which has been increasingly between Sony and Microsoft. Read more at Designtechnica

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