Mac clone maker Psystar loses case against Apple

Posted on Friday, September 30 2011 @ 15:04 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Neowin reports Psystar, the company that sells "Hackintosh" systems, has lost its lawsuit against Apple in the Appeals Court:
The US Court of Appeals has ruled, however, that the product violates Mac OS X copyrights and will not be allowed to be sold.

Apple's struggle against Psystar dates back to 2008, when the manufacturer came onto the scene in April of that year. It didn't take long for Apple to respond, and in July the company took Psystar to court for copyright violation, as well as breaking the infamous Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In December 2009, the courts ruled in Apple's favour and granted them a permanent injunction against Psystar. The court's reasoning was that Psystar "violated Apple's exclusive reproduction right, distribution right, and right to create derivative works."

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Re: Mac clone maker Psystar loses case against Apple
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 01 2011 @ 21:17 CEST
Money talks.

Apple's money talks louder.