''Mac OS X Tiger for x86 processors leaked''

Posted on Sunday, June 12 2005 @ 23:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
I just read over at MacDailyNews that a x86 version of Mac OS X 10.4.1 Tiger has been leaked. It is said that this copy of Mac OS X Tiger for Intel is already listed on various piracy sites on the Web and that it is also spreading through torrents and p2p networks.

Keep in mind that this is a rumour. I have yet seen any real evidence that Mac OS X Tiger for Intel hardware has been leaked. There are some screenshots of Mac OS X x86 downloads and photos of PCs running Mac OS X but those can be faked quite easy.

MacDailyNews suggests that Apple might have secretly leaked the OS to give potential future customers a free taste of a full speed Mac OS X running on their own PC hardware. But I doubt they would do this as there would be almost no driver support for various types of hardware for instance. A half-running OS wouldn't be good promotion for Apple.

Source: MacDailyNews

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Re: ''Mac OS X Tiger for x86 processors leaked''
by Anonymous on Monday, June 13 2005 @ 17:31 CEST
It is a hoax and I have verified it myself. The faked xIso release turns out to be about a 1 GB ISO. When I botted it up in Vmware, I got the famed picture from Goatse.cx -- and that really scared me :-) If you don't know what it is, Google it. You will be very frightened. In any event, it is not real...so all this hoopla for nothing

Kristian Hermansen

  • Reply by Anonymous on Friday, July 29 2005 @ 19:24 CEST

    same thing happened to me, complete fake

  • Reply by Anonymous on Saturday, August 13 2005 @ 17:50 CEST

    There is a guide for installation here, I somehow doubt someone would get into creating it for a fake.

    • Reply by Anonymous on Saturday, August 13 2005 @ 19:45 CEST

      Yes the new leaked version is probably real, but this article dates from June. There were rumours in June that Mac OS X x86 had leaked but those files contained nothing else but crap..

  • Reply by Anonymous on Monday, September 19 2005 @ 19:10 CEST

    i'm so happy you all are so intellegant, and I wasted my time reading this... As you NOW know, it's not a fake...