Review : Memorex 40MAXX 1248AJ CD-RW

Posted on Friday, October 04 2002 @ 18:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Tech Dreams have made a review of the Memorex 40MAXX 1248AJ CD-RW :
CDs are perhaps the most popular media for storing programs, files, and other data in today's society. Why do you ask? Well, CDs are extremely versatile, practical, and offer a large amount of space (650 to 700 megabytes) for less than a dollar per disc. Combined with a CD-ReWritable drive, storing update files and drivers for your computer, copying of your personal documents, and making backups of critical operating system files on a CD becomes quick and easy.

With this in mind, my brother wanted to add a fast, efficient, and inexpensive CD-ReWritable drive to his computer. After a quick trip to the Directron website, he and I were looking at the various CD-RW drives they had to offer. We couldn't decide between a couple models, so we had his wife pick one out. She had seen the Memorex name on CD-R and CD-RW spindles at the store, so she picked out the Memorex 40MAXX 1248AJ model, which is a 48/12/40 CD-ReWritable drive. Did she make a good choice? Let's get on with the review and find out.

Review Link : Tech Dreams

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