4GB DDR3 module price shows slight decline towards $15

Posted on Tuesday, December 04 2012 @ 13:34 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
DRAMeXchange reports average pricing of 4GB DDR3 memory module contracts fell 3.17 percent to $15.25 in the second half of November, while the average 2GB contract price fell 2.78 percent to $8.75. The research firm expects commodity DRAM prices will see a slow recovery in the first half of 2013, and possibly a return to more healthy levels in the second half of the year.
According to DRAMeXchange, average 4GB DDR3 memory module contract price was $15.25, a 3.17% decline compared to the first half of November, whereas average 2GB contract price fell below the $9 mark to $8.75, a 2.78% decrease. While the lowest 4GB contract price remained at $15, as PC shipment figures continue to get lower Q4 2012, DRAM makers are facing significant inventory pressure. It is rumored that some DRAM makers offered special deals; although special deal prices are lower than concluded transaction prices, PC OEMs may not accept such deals as volume is high and the deals extend for two or three months.

At press time, one untested [eTT] 2Gb DDR3 chip cost $0.725 on average in Taiwan's spot market, 2Gb DDR3 1333MHz/1600MHz chip's price was approximately $0.834/$0.827, whereas 4Gb DDR3 1600MHz memory IC was priced at $2.03 on average on the spot market.

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