AMD claims it can be the 3rd big comeback in the history of tech

Posted on Monday, April 08 2013 @ 11:39 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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In an interview with Bit Tech, Roy Taylor, AMD's new corporate vice president of worldwide component channel sales, sounded confident that AMD can become the third big comeback in the history of tech. Comparing the company to IBM and Apple, Taylor claims AMD may rise to eventually become a much more powerful player in the technology market over the next few years. Full details at Bit Tech.
While AMD hasn't seen the sort of rapid decline in recent years that the likes of BlackBerry have suffered, it has long struggled to recover from its downturn in fortunes following the introduction of rival Intel's Core architecture back in 2006, despite some success with its GPU division - formerly ATI.

But, thinks Taylor, with the company's new generation of APUs (a CPU and GPU combined on one chip), it is well set for the future. A large part of this will be driven by AMD having secured deals with Nintendo and Sony to have its APUs in the Wii U and PS4 (and it's long rumoured the upcoming new Xbox will also feature an AMD chip). With these processors in place there is significant incentive for developers to work hard on making their games and apps run well on AMD hardware, which in turn may drive uptake of AMD APUs, CPUs and GPUs in other sectors of the market.

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