Xbox 360 developer kit pictures leaked by son of Microsoft employee

Posted on Monday, July 18 2005 @ 16:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Imagine this: You just start working at Microsoft as Regulatory Compliance Manager and you are currently testing the Xbox 360 console. You take it home, and unfortunately your teenage son finds the box with the developer kit. He connects the console to his TV and calls a friend to take a look.

The kid has never heard of an NDA and starts boasting on a game forum. He's even stupid enough to let a friend take some pictures of him while playing with the Xbox 360 developer kit. Three pictures can be seen over here.

He had no Xbox 360 games but tried Halo 2 to check out backwards compatibility. He complained the external power supply is enormous, but take in mind that he was testing a developer kit. The final product might look a lot better.

The kid seems to be a PlayStation fan but he was very positive about the new user interface, dashboard and Xbox 360 controller.

Now lets all hope his dad won't lose his new job (or worse) because of this stupid mistake. I guess someone is going to get spanked..

Here's is the original post from the Gamespot forum:
ya I just became a member, my step dad works here in seattle for xbox hes the forgein tester guy. He had a trip to mexico to test the new xbox so he had to bring it home and he let me play it. There arnt any xbox360 games yet i guess so all i got to play was halo 2. but all the test stuff was on there like dolphin and light shadow stuff, Oh and the XBOX dashboard . I uesto hATE xbox purley a PS fan. but WOW new xbox has some COol stuff. First i tried dolphin witch doesnt have liek GOOD grapics or anything its just a frame test and the xbox was geting 3000+ frames witch was pretty stuinning for me. and the Xbox dashboard is amazing im not aloud to tell everything about it but WOW theres soo much crap on the xbox and some of it is sooO miscelanius. theres xbox arcade were u can Dl like arcade games and crap and u can stream music from ur PC to ur xbox and tons and tons and tons of other crap. I just thought id post about it, ps3 is definatly guna have some compitition. IM SURE all of u have probably read stuff like this on sites but OH one more thing im not supposed tell this, but the power supply conecter thing for the xbox, lets just say its not COMPACT, witch might be why u havnt seen it in any pics. thats all for now post some feedback

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